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It’s not just the Temperate House that’s been revamped at Kew Gardens

17 May 2018

My latest client intranet project to come to fruition is Kewnet, the intranet for the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Kew’s old intranet contract was due to expire, and support for the content management system was coming to an end. The comms team took the opportunity to migrate to GovIntranet and I’ve been working to build […]

Beyond Helpful

1 Sep 2017

It was just over five years ago, when I received a DM from lesteph asking how things were going at the Ministry of Justice, and if I fancied a coffee. I joined Steph as employee number one at Helpful Technology in September 2012, in a tiny little office in Trafalgar Square. Next month, HT Headquarters […]

Open source open intranet

29 May 2017

I’ve been following the progress of Devon Council’s new intranet and was delighted to hear news that the beta version was launching.

GovIntranet Club September 2016

15 Oct 2016

The end of September saw the quarterly get-together of GovIntranet Club members. This time it was hosted by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

Government intranets acting fast

11 Aug 2016 1 comment

Referendum results, resignations and reshuffles have been causing government intranets to transition fast to cope with the changing political landscape.

Intranet resuscitation in the Cayman Islands

8 Jun 2016

Like previous government departments that I’ve worked with, the in-house team at the Cayman Islands Government setup their own intranet server and followed online instructions for installing the GovIntranet WordPress theme.

Be careful when deleting users in WordPress

9 Apr 2016

For the third time, we’ve had to restore a backup from the previous night because an intranet lost a big bunch of pages, images and documents.

Create your own intranet stock photo library

30 Mar 2016 3 comments

I was browsing through the WordPress media library of the soon-to-be-launched ONS intranet and came across a large batch of freshly-uploaded images. At first glance, I thought that the publishing team had purchased some flashy stock images to use on the intranet. And then I thought, Hold on! That’s the room where I spent a day training […]

Working with the statisticians

14 Dec 2015

I’ve been wading in statistical waters recently with one of our new intranet clients, the Office for National Statistics, and by studying a MOOC on Machine Learning by the Department of Statistics at the University of Washington. ONS intranet The ONS recently blogged about making a modern intranet and I’m really pleased to be working with […]

GovIntranet breakfast meeting

11 Oct 2015

Last week, we held a breakfast meeting for our intranet clients from government departments and agencies, councils and charities. The breakfast meeting was an ideal opportunity to compare and contrast how they use the GovIntranet theme and to share ideas and experiences. The meeting took place at our office in the Clerkenwell Workshops where we have […]

Crown Commercial Service intranet launch

28 Sep 2015

I’d been waiting with anticipation for our latest client intranet launch. It’s the nearest I’ll ever get to fatherhood, but these past weeks I’ve been acting like I’m looking after a newborn. Staff feedback After a little intensive care, the CCS intranet is up and running. A real staff-centred intranet, it has a staff directory, forums, […]

Back in the world of intranet

30 Aug 2015 3 comments

I’ve been busy since the start of the year, working on the new British Antarctic Survey website. We launched this month. It’s a big site, filled with science and research, stunning photography and even a penguin of the day! This month it feels like I’m back in the world of intranet. Two new clients just […]

The intranet staff directory

18 Feb 2015

It’s interesting to hear that the digital team at the Ministry of Justice have developed a new staff directory. I know a few departments are already opting to use this service and it will be interesting to follow progress. The staff directory was a big problem at the Ministry when I worked there. People used a […]

GovIntranet 2014 review

2 Jan 2015

Having a group of clients who all use the same WordPress theme means that there are often requests for new modules, bug fixes and extra functionality. New clients start with a base set of modules and then take the theme in their own direction either through how they organise and display content or through requests for new […]

Parliament Week website. User experience design in action.

26 Sep 2014

You know that a project is going to go well when the first paragraph of your client’s brief calls for ‘focusing on key user needs and using open source platforms and technologies to deliver improved value for money.’ I wrote a case study about the new Parliament Week website, on the Helpful Technology site. Please […]