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One year on

6 Sep 2013

I’ve been at Helpful Technology a year this week, so thought it would be an opportune time to dredge myself out of the wilderness to blog about what I’ve been up to. I’ve certainly been quiet on social media and here on my blog. And that’s for many reasons. While I still get involved with […]

Intranet WordPress theme now on GitHub

14 May 2013 4 comments

As promised, we’ve published the code for the WordPress theme based on the DCMS intranet. You can get the theme code from the Helpful Technology GitHub under the ‘govintranet’ repository. To accompany the code, we’ve also released an intranet showcase site where you can have a look at a working version of the intranet theme […]

DCMS intranet uncovered

13 Mar 2013 4 comments

DCMS continues to follow the GDS design principles as the new intranet goes into beta this week. It’s not finished yet. It’s not 100% perfect. And it’s available for staff to use and provide their feedback. At my last check, the team have loaded 375 tasks and guides into the How do I? section which […]

An intranet inspired by GOV.UK

25 Feb 2013

I started the new year by kicking off an intranet project with the very switched-on digital comms team at DCMS who wanted the next iteration of their intranet to follow the GDS design principles. Brief The project brief for this new intranet was to develop a CMS to enable the digital comms team to manage […]

Five months outside the Civil Service

4 Feb 2013

I’m 5 months into my new job and the projects that I started working on are coming to fruition, with several bubbling away in the background, including a very interesting government department intranet project. I’ve been working on a diverse set of projects during my first months at Helpful Technology. Kicking off with what seemed […]

Network visualisation: what does your #intranet really look like?

11 Nov 2012

Ask most people what their intranet looks like and they’ll describe their intranet homepage. But what does your intranet, your internal network, really look like? For the past couple of months I’ve been studying social network analysis through Coursera, with some truly engaging online lectures by Lada Adamic from the University of Michigan. The course […]

Guide to creating effective intranet news stories

20 Oct 2012

Textual and graphical aspects of intranet news stories, including writing online content, search engine optimisation (SEO) and image optimisation.

Tracking offline comms channels in Google Analytics

20 Aug 2012

When it comes to evaluating staff communication campaigns, we have to look at both online and offline channels. Using Google Analytics campaign tracking we can capture activity on the intranet as a result of clicks in emails and documents that are sent out to staff. There are a few loopholes when tracking in Google Analytics (GA) for example, […]

If I were an internal communicator…

29 Jul 2012

Across the whole organisation there is a massive transformation programme running to save money and improve services. It’s been cooking since before the spending review in various guises. Internal campaigns having come and gone and are making a comeback. How successful will they be this time? Previous campaigns have been lacking in real content but […]

Luke to join Helpful Technology

2 Jul 2012

After nearly five years at MoJ, it’s au revoir as I plan to move on from the Civil Service to join Steph Gray at Helpful Technology in the role of Client Service Director. I’ll be involved across a range of services at Helpful Technology including development, training and consultancy. My initial focus is going to […]

12 signs of an untrained intranet publisher

16 Jun 2012

Here are some common signs that your site content has been written by someone who has never been trained how to write for an online audience and is unaware of search engine optimisation or visitors using accessible technology. 1) The page title of you homepage is “Home” The word home, on its own, as a […]

#SWCONF 2012, intranet diary debrief

27 May 2012

I remember stumbling upon #SWCONF on Twitter last year and getting hooked on the live tweets. This year I attended in person to find out what all the buzz was about. The Social Workplace Conference, organised by Crexia, took place on 24th May at a beautiful theatre space at the Cavendish Conference Centre in the West […]

System status and vanity intranet pages

26 May 2012

One of my favourite metrics when measuring improvement on the intranet is the number of calls to the helpdesk. It’s a sure sign of success when you’ve done a few changes to an area of the intranet and the number of helpdesk calls goes down. Conversely, you know that something is wrong when the number […]

Social media guidelines and the workplace

20 May 2012

GDS and the Home Office released their Social Media Guidelines for Civil Servants on 17th May. With introductions from Francis Maude and Sir Bob Kerslake, I’m hoping that this backing will help to support changes in policy for using social media channels and platforms within the workplace. The recent guidelines for civil servants have a […]

"One Intranet" project

13 May 2012

Fresh on the horizon for me is the “One Intranet” project that will merge intranets from many organisations into one with a vision of saving money and improving efficiency. This is a great opportunity to rethink the intranet within the workplace and to put in place some governance and strategy around content. I’ve had my […]

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