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GovIntranet 2014 review

2 Jan 2015

Having a group of clients who all use the same WordPress theme means that there are often requests for new modules, bug fixes and extra functionality. New clients start with a base set of modules and then take the theme in their own direction either through how they organise and display content or through requests for new […]

BIS intranet moves to GovIntranet WordPress theme

4 May 2014

BIS went live with their WordPress intranet at the start of May. This is our third central government department client using the Open Source GovIntranet theme, already in use at DCMS and NIO.

Predictive search

Intranet predictive search test results

20 Feb 2014 2 comments

21 search phrases to test the intranet’s predictive search feature, recently released on the new Northern Ireland Office intranet.

GovIntranet gets a People Profile and Staff Directory

24 Jan 2014 4 comments

As part of the latest release of the intranet theme, we’ve integrated a set of customised Staff Directory templates. On the intranet You can search the staff directory from the main intranet search box or the staff directory pages. You can find people based on their name or job title. If you don’t know a name […]

Northern Ireland Office goes live with DCMS intranet theme

20 Jan 2014

To kick off the New Year, the Northern Ireland Office launched their new intranet, using the GovIntranet WordPress theme, based on the DCMS intranet. Una Flynn, Head of Communications at NIO, wanted to improve the existing intranet, which was a collection of documents that had grown organically by content publishers. Having introduced social media to […]

GovIntranet beta release 3

2 Nov 2013

The latest major release of GovIntranet is available in beta on GitHub. Find out what’s new.

One year on

6 Sep 2013

I’ve been at Helpful Technology a year this week, so thought it would be an opportune time to dredge myself out of the wilderness to blog about what I’ve been up to. I’ve certainly been quiet on social media and here on my blog. And that’s for many reasons. While I still get involved with […]

Intranet WordPress theme now on GitHub

14 May 2013 4 comments

As promised, we’ve published the code for the WordPress theme based on the DCMS intranet. You can get the theme code from the Helpful Technology GitHub under the ‘govintranet’ repository. To accompany the code, we’ve also released an intranet showcase site where you can have a look at a working version of the intranet theme […]

DCMS intranet uncovered

13 Mar 2013 4 comments

DCMS continues to follow the GDS design principles as the new intranet goes into beta this week. It’s not finished yet. It’s not 100% perfect. And it’s available for staff to use and provide their feedback. At my last check, the team have loaded 375 tasks and guides into the How do I? section which […]

An intranet inspired by GOV.UK

25 Feb 2013

I started the new year by kicking off an intranet project with the very switched-on digital comms team at DCMS who wanted the next iteration of their intranet to follow the GDS design principles. Brief The project brief for this new intranet was to develop a CMS to enable the digital comms team to manage […]

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