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Beyond Helpful

1 Sep 2017

It was just over five years ago, when I received a DM from lesteph asking how things were going at the Ministry of Justice, and if I fancied a coffee. I joined Steph as employee number one at Helpful Technology in September 2012, in a tiny little office in Trafalgar Square. Next month, HT Headquarters […]

#IntranetNow, the first of many more.

3 Sep 2014

The energy on the day was buzzing. The pace was fast. It didn’t go without a few bloopers, but it didn’t matter. The atmosphere was uplifting and positive and it’s clear that a lot of thought had gone into making this event happen. The central London location was ideal. The layout and convenience of the […]

Intranet un/conference in London

10 Aug 2014

The Intranet Now un/conference takes place on 2nd September in London. The day will be made up of three flavours of talks with main speaker presentations, lightning talks and unconference-style sessions.

Five months outside the Civil Service

4 Feb 2013

I’m 5 months into my new job and the projects that I started working on are coming to fruition, with several bubbling away in the background, including a very interesting government department intranet project. I’ve been working on a diverse set of projects during my first months at Helpful Technology. Kicking off with what seemed […]

"One Intranet" project

13 May 2012

Fresh on the horizon for me is the “One Intranet” project that will merge intranets from many organisations into one with a vision of saving money and improving efficiency. This is a great opportunity to rethink the intranet within the workplace and to put in place some governance and strategy around content. I’ve had my […]

Staff crowdsourcing pilot using Spigit

21 Aug 2010

My last post talked about my experiences as a moderator of a public crowdsourcing site and included a quick usability analysis. I’ve also been involved in an internal pilot project to evaluate the Spigit platform as a method of harvesting ideas from staff. Most of the platforms that I have looked at use a voting/rating […]

End of purdah and election 2010

16 May 2010 1 comment

It feels like I’ve had my online mouth clamped for the past month or so due to “purdah”, the rule that prevents civil servants from expressing opinions which might influence election results.  So, to continue… April and May have been eventful in the intranet team.  Since the announcement of the election date, we have tried […]