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Government intranets acting fast

11 Aug 2016 1 comment

Referendum results, resignations and reshuffles have been causing government intranets to transition fast to cope with the changing political landscape.

Be careful when deleting users in WordPress

9 Apr 2016

For the third time, we’ve had to restore a backup from the previous night because an intranet lost a big bunch of pages, images and documents.

Create your own intranet stock photo library

30 Mar 2016 3 comments

I was browsing through the WordPress media library of the soon-to-be-launched ONS intranet and came across a large batch of freshly-uploaded images. At first glance, I thought that the publishing team had purchased some flashy stock images to use on the intranet. And then I thought, Hold on! That’s the room where I spent a day training […]

Crown Commercial Service intranet launch

28 Sep 2015

I’d been waiting with anticipation for our latest client intranet launch. It’s the nearest I’ll ever get to fatherhood, but these past weeks I’ve been acting like I’m looking after a newborn. Staff feedback After a little intensive care, the CCS intranet is up and running. A real staff-centred intranet, it has a staff directory, forums, […]

Why you shouldn’t “click here”

22 Sep 2014

My gallery of “click here” screenshots has been online for a while, without any real explanation of why it’s there or why you shouldn’t write click here online.

Content Migration Guide

26 May 2014 1 comment

A start to finish guide on migrating content to a new CMS.

Do intranets need an archive machine?

26 Jan 2014 2 comments

Do we need something similar to the web archives on our intranets? Is there a case for going back to a snapshot of the intranet at a particular date?

Tags vs Keywords

7 Jan 2014

What are the differences between keywords and tags?

Relevanssi WordPress plugin: intranet search comparisons

5 Oct 2013 2 comments

Two intranets. Both built in WordPress. Very different search experience.

Guide to creating effective intranet news stories

20 Oct 2012

Textual and graphical aspects of intranet news stories, including writing online content, search engine optimisation (SEO) and image optimisation.