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Parliament Week website. User experience design in action.

26 Sep 2014

You know that a project is going to go well when the first paragraph of your client’s brief calls for ‘focusing on key user needs and using open source platforms and technologies to deliver improved value for money.’ I wrote a case study about the new Parliament Week website, on the Helpful Technology site. Please […]

Mobile usability: Usability Week day 1

19 Mar 2012

Just got back from day 1 of Usability Week in Edinburgh. Thumbs up for todays session on designing websites for mobile usability, by Amy Schade, who got us through 188 slides and kept it fascinating all the way. I’ve been working in the field of usability and user experience for over 10 years now but […]

A/B tests on user group signup adverts

18 Mar 2012

To recruit people to our user group we ran a display advert on the website. I created an A/B test using 4 different adverts. One of them was a runaway winner.

Budget usability testing can be fun

12 Mar 2011

Where I work, we don’t have usability labs, eye tracking equipment or even webcams or screen capturing software to test information architecture designs with people. Resorting to budget user testing techniques can still provide valuable insights which in turn create recommendations for improvements. I’ve had two days of user testing this week, both in-house and […]

Plain text beats graphic content: A/B testing

28 Dec 2010

A/B testing can help to pinpoint the type of content that staff are most attracted to. I ran an experiment to find out which advert was most effective in an internal campaign. The problem The intranet staff directory gets a lot of complaints.”It’s never up to date,” being the main one. Last year, we ran a campaign […]

Release the test tubes; time for more user experiments

7 Nov 2010

As part of our efforts to save money across all parts of our organisation, we are combining many of our human resources, finance and procurement services into one central place. There are several intranets within our organisation. Currently, most staff come to the HQ intranet for their human resources content and services. But there are […]

Intranet redesign, Phase 3: wireframe designs and user testing

25 Sep 2010

The previous phase of the project gave me 4 main intranet sections with specific content functions and a detailed map of all the content that was cherry-picked to make the migration to the new intranet. There were going to be a fair few chunks of content left ashore, and no doubt a few stowaways. The […]