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The intranet staff directory

18 Feb 2015

It’s interesting to hear that the digital team at the Ministry of Justice have developed a new staff directory. I know a few departments are already opting to use this service and it will be interesting to follow progress. The staff directory was a big problem at the Ministry when I worked there. People used a […]

Proving the case for a task-based intranet

31 Aug 2014

I read a post from Enterprise Strategies claiming to have statistically proven the case for a social intranet. I found both the statistics and the interpretation of the statistics interesting.

GovIntranet gets a People Profile and Staff Directory

24 Jan 2014 4 comments

As part of the latest release of the intranet theme, we’ve integrated a set of customised Staff Directory templates. On the intranet You can search the staff directory from the main intranet search box or the staff directory pages. You can find people based on their name or job title. If you don’t know a name […]

Luke to join Helpful Technology

2 Jul 2012

After nearly five years at MoJ, it’s au revoir as I plan to move on from the Civil Service to join Steph Gray at Helpful Technology in the role of Client Service Director. I’ll be involved across a range of services at Helpful Technology including development, training and consultancy. My initial focus is going to […]

#SWCONF 2012, intranet diary debrief

27 May 2012

I remember stumbling upon #SWCONF on Twitter last year and getting hooked on the live tweets. This year I attended in person to find out what all the buzz was about. The Social Workplace Conference, organised by Crexia, took place on 24th May at a beautiful theatre space at the Cavendish Conference Centre in the West […]

Social media guidelines and the workplace

20 May 2012

GDS and the Home Office released their Social Media Guidelines for Civil Servants on 17th May. With introductions from Francis Maude and Sir Bob Kerslake, I’m hoping that this backing will help to support changes in policy for using social media channels and platforms within the workplace. The recent guidelines for civil servants have a […]

Could this be the start of a social intranet?

14 Dec 2011

It’s 5 o’clock on Friday afternoon, the day after our office Christmas party and I’m very much looking forward to going home. Just as I’m packing my things away I’m approached by one of the comms team… “The Director General is going on the road next week and wants to be able to tweet progress […]

Content interaction vs content generation

20 Jul 2011

Terms like social intranet and intranet 2.0 used to make me think “Facebook at work” (or indeed Google+ these days.) And that could be cool. But I ask myself “how connected are the people who work in the very different parts of our organisation?” Silos do exist, and in a large department consisting of over […]

Intranet information flow (Prezi)

28 May 2011

My first Prezi that I did for fun while experimenting with new presentation techniques. Here I try to show how we can improve a flat content structure by integrating social functionality into the intranet information flow. Intranet information flow on Prezi – Graphics:

Intranet roundup 2010

21 Dec 2010

2010 has been a year of fast-paced progress for the world of intranets. You can almost feel the ground swell and ripple with growth and evolution. The main drivers have been awareness, interest and adoption of social tools within the workplace. Here are the main themes that I’ve spotted throughout the year. Companies have implemented social […]