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Network visualisation: what does your #intranet really look like?

11 Nov 2012

Ask most people what their intranet looks like and they’ll describe their intranet homepage. But what does your intranet, your internal network, really look like? For the past couple of months I’ve been studying social network analysis through Coursera, with some truly engaging online lectures by Lada Adamic from the University of Michigan. The course […]

Top tip to improve intranet A-Z index pages

14 Dec 2010

A-Z index pages are very popular on our intranet. More popular than search. Our staff like to find what they want by looking it up in a list. If they don’t find it in the list they may resort to the search box. By looking at what phrases staff use when they perform a search from […]

How we increased feature news traffic by 53%

11 Nov 2010

At the start of October we introduced the next step in our strategy to improve engagement with news stories on the intranet. A month later we are seeing a 53% increase in traffic. I had a good hunch that introducing the box would generate *some* interest, but I was amazed by the results at the […]

Evolution of an information architect

2 Nov 2010

Last weekend I went to Bletchley Park, the home of the code-breakers and Top Secret government facility during WW2. The tour included a visit to the National Museum of Computing, which evoked some old memories. Since returning from the trip I’ve been reminiscing about the world of computers and information when I was a kid […]

Intranet redesign, Phase 3: wireframe designs and user testing

25 Sep 2010

The previous phase of the project gave me 4 main intranet sections with specific content functions and a detailed map of all the content that was cherry-picked to make the migration to the new intranet. There were going to be a fair few chunks of content left ashore, and no doubt a few stowaways. The […]

Intranet redesign, Phase 2: information architecture and content audit

22 Sep 2010 1 comment

Back in the good old days when the IT department allowed me to use DOS (the operating system that I was brought up on,) I managed to do some jiggery-pokery and get a complete intranet file-listing. And a few deft keystrokes later, I was spreadsheet-a-go-go. Content audit My previous analysis already told me what was […]