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Beyond Helpful

1 Sep 2017

It was just over five years ago, when I received a DM from lesteph asking how things were going at the Ministry of Justice, and if I fancied a coffee. I joined Steph as employee number one at Helpful Technology in September 2012, in a tiny little office in Trafalgar Square. Next month, HT Headquarters […]


Open source open intranet

29 May 2017

I’ve been following the progress of Devon Council’s new intranet and was delighted to hear news that the beta version was launching.


GovIntranet Club September 2016

15 Oct 2016

The end of September saw the quarterly get-together of GovIntranet Club members. This time it was hosted by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).


Government intranets acting fast

11 Aug 2016 1 comment

Referendum results, resignations and reshuffles have been causing government intranets to transition fast to cope with the changing political landscape.


An intranet is not a project

10 Aug 2016 1 comment

Why is nobody sharing? Not a lot of people blog publicly about their government intranet. And even less are blogging about their day to day experiences. Of the two or three blog posts that I’ve read in the past year or so, I haven’t gleaned much juice. They’ve been about the project team and their project […]


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