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GovIntranet and the block editor

The current version of GovIntranet uses the classic editor for custom post types such as news and events. This will be withdrawn from support in future versions of WordPress. So we’re making plans to be ready for the block editor interface.

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Cracks in the wall

The WonderWall module of GovIntranet has been in place on a number of client intranets for a few years. And now we have seen the first self-nomination on a wall.


GovIntranet accessibility checker

In a bid to help clients make their intranets more accessible, I’ve created an admin report to show a pass or fail for AA and AAA colour contrast checkpoints across regular and large text sizes.


Public Sector accessibility regulations

If you haven’t taken steps to make your intranet accessible, you must take action before 23 September 2020.

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Coronavirus and lockdown: GovIntranet users react fast

After lockdown was announced, I was pleased to discover that all my clients could access their intranets from outside their office workplaces.