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Coronavirus and lockdown: GovIntranet users react fast

After lockdown was announced, I was pleased to discover that all my clients could access their intranets from outside their office workplaces.


GovIntranet gets hacked

BPDTS held an intranet hackathon in Manchester. There were three challenges that had been nominated for the day and it was interesting to see the different approaches that the hack teams took.

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Intranets: Oxford City Council doing it right

I’ve just read an interesting blog post by Oxford City Council, sharing their experience of building a new intranet CMS using GovIntranet, and highlighting the importance of content on an intranet.

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nesta:net – a new intranet for Nesta

I’ve been working with Nesta to put a new intranet in place. It’s been a smooth project, delivered on time and ticking all the requirements boxes.

But I’ve written enough blog posts showing how organisations are saving money by deploying GovIntranet. This time, I thought I’d share some of the aspects that we at Agento have learned running a project as a small business.

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Kewnet revisited

Since releasing the new intranet for the Royal Botanic Gardens,  the team has been working to iterate functionality and implement features based on staff feedback and new requirements.