Usability, content, search and analytics on the corporate intranet


System status and vanity intranet pages

26 May 2012

One of my favourite metrics when measuring improvement on the intranet is the number of calls to the helpdesk. It’s a sure sign of success when you’ve done a few changes to an area of the intranet and the number of helpdesk calls goes down. Conversely, you know that something is wrong when the number […]

Intranet redesign, Phase 4: visual design, HTML and CMS build

29 Sep 2010

News delivery design With several stakeholders interested in news delivery across the intranet, this was an important part of the redesign. In the existing intranet, a news story would appear on the homepage with a URL from the latest news section and then drop into an archive, with a different URL. So the same story […]