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Social media & social networking 101: videos in plain English

27 Nov 2010

A collection of videos explaining social media and social networking in plain English

Evolution of an information architect

2 Nov 2010

Last weekend I went to Bletchley Park, the home of the code-breakers and Top Secret government facility during WW2. The tour included a visit to the National Museum of Computing, which evoked some old memories. Since returning from the trip I’ve been reminiscing about the world of computers and information when I was a kid […]

Managing the risks from online social networks

9 Oct 2010

Our public website contains videos from YouTube, photos from Flickr and we also have a Twitter stream. All open to the public so that they can see what fabulous work we do. But if you’re a member of staff, you don’t have access, at least not from the workplace desktop. C’est ridicule! The same applies […]

Pseudo-social functions on news stories

6 Sep 2010

Although I blogged about introducing “social functions” on the intranet, I have to admit that they are not 100% social. In fact, I probably should have called them “engagement tools.” Here’s how it works. We have voting functions on news stories for “More like this” and “Fewer like this.” When you vote, it ultimately gets […]

Social functions on intranet news stories

23 Aug 2010

In January we implemented a voting feature on intranet news stories which consisted of a simple “More like this” and “Fewer like this” voting button.  The feature had good uptake from staff and we are starting to see thumbs up statistics settling down to around 75% of votes. As part of the recent drive for staff […]

Engagement and crowdsourcing

2 Aug 2010

Engagement and innovation are the buzzwords at work at the moment. The message from the top is “go forth and engage.” Engage with the public. Engage with the staff. And come up with ideas. Help us save money. How can we be more efficient? Which laws can we repeal:? I have never seen so many sites […]

I woke up in London 2012

2 Mar 2010 3 comments

London, 8 August 9.47AM It’s taken me 15 minutes to setup my laptop at work, in my flexible workspace. But now the intranet homepage has loaded. I’ve got my morning coffee and croissant. I say the intranet homepage, but it’s actually my homepage with my newsfeed. There are little thumbnails of my colleagues running down the […]

Vision for a public sector intranet of the future

21 Feb 2010 3 comments

I recently attended the IBF London Member meeting, a two day, confidential event for intranet professionals.  During the first day, one of the exercises was to brainstorm what the corporate intranet would be like in 5 years.  And I found the task terribly difficult to do.  That’s probably because I work on a public sector […]

The rise of social media

18 Feb 2010

After news of staff being sacked for using social media sites, I thought I’d share this video to renew my faith – go on, play it full screen! With thanks to Socialnomics09 How can we harness this power on the intranet?

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