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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Intranet redesign or drip-feed improvements?

28 Mar 2010

I’m noticing a lot of talk around whether to go for a major redesign or implement small improvements little by little.  I thought I’d give my view on the subject. I’ve been in my current job for two and half years. In that time the intranet has had a rebrand due to major changes in […]

Perfect Human Resources intranet page

18 Mar 2010 2 comments

Welcome again to the Human Resources section of the intranet Human Resources reports to the Corporate Services business group, just so you know who you’re dealing with. These pages contain reference material and information about your employment with the company, plus help and advice and useful forms. We know that may come as a surprise. We […]

I woke up in London 2012

2 Mar 2010 3 comments

London, 8 August 9.47AM It’s taken me 15 minutes to setup my laptop at work, in my flexible workspace. But now the intranet homepage has loaded. I’ve got my morning coffee and croissant. I say the intranet homepage, but it’s actually my homepage with my newsfeed. There are little thumbnails of my colleagues running down the […]