Social media & social networking 101: videos in plain English

A collection of videos explaining social media and social networking in plain English, /via @leelefever @commoncraft, including:

  • Social media
  • Social networking
  • Blogs
  • Twitter
  • Twitter search
  • Wikis
  • Augmented reality

I woke up in London 2012

London, 8 August
It’s taken me 15 minutes to setup my laptop at work, in my flexible workspace. But now the intranet homepage has loaded. I’ve got my morning coffee and croissant. I say the intranet homepage, but it’s actually my homepage with my newsfeed. There are little thumbnails of my colleagues running down the screen.


Vision for a public sector intranet of the future

I recently attended the IBF London Member meeting, a two day, confidential event for intranet professionals.  During the first day, one of the exercises was to brainstorm what the corporate intranet would be like in 5 years.  And I found the task terribly difficult to do.  That’s probably because I work on a public sector intranet and a lot of web 2.0 technologies that we take for granted on the web are just not available inside the firewall.