The intranet police are out to get you

If you intend to put content on our intranet; watch out because the intranet police are scouring the pages when you’re not looking.

Reading your content, filled with passive voice, determined to hide any true meaning. Surfacing your documents, still labelled with a template name that was in use 5 years ago. Routing out pages that have one sentence saying “information will be published soon.” Looking at analytics to see if anyone is reading your content. Searching for your pages to see if they appear in search results. Questioning the vanity pages that serve no purpose but self promotion. Gutting out your microsites filled with “what we do, how we do it, why we do it, when we do it, you can do it, help us do it.”

To staff: all this we do for you. So that you don’t have to spend time wading through intranet goo. So that you can find what you want using the search engine.

To content providers: we can only do this by constantly and consistently promoting our intranet standards when working with you. Sorry if we sound tough, negative or difficult. Your job may be to put something on the intranet because your manager has asked you to. Our job is to make sure that it is suitable for publishing on the intranet. Please don’t hate us when we return a document to you because you didn’t fill out the metadata or because you keep saying “click here.” We showed you how to do this. You understood why you have to do this. Please don’t expect us to do it for you.

Your humble servants

the intranet police
watching you, watching us, watching them


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