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Create your own intranet stock photo library

I was browsing through the WordPress media library of the soon-to-be-launched ONS intranet and came across a large batch of freshly-uploaded images. At first glance, I thought that the publishing team had purchased some flashy stock images to use on the intranet. And then I thought, Hold on! That’s the room where I spent a day training a bunch of new intranet publishers. And that’s the entrance gate for visitors, and that’s the Costa Cafe, which is my first port of call when I arrive at ONS!

The team went round the building on a mission to develop a library of photos to use in news stories and general imagery on their new intranet. There are some really nice shots. Rooms, signage, objects, hallways and reflective surfaces appear in a range of nicely-framed images in colour and black and white.

I think going round your building with a smartphone, taking snaps and adding insta filters will always trump purchasing stock images. But it really helps if you have a keen photographer who knows what they’re doing with f-stops, light, the rule of thirds and who can basically make a stack of empty paper coffee cups look sexy.

Here are a dozen photos that I picked out to demonstrate:

The ONS team will also encourage staff across their three sites to send in their photos from events and activities.

Creating your own library of stock photos makes the intranet more personal, more real. And it will save you a packet in royalty fees. So, go take a picture of a stapler!

Images courtesy of Nat Jones

3 replies on “Create your own intranet stock photo library”

Great idea, Kurt!

That reminds me about something I read a few years ago about a company that banned staff photos containing:
* Cats/kittens
* Babies
* Sunrises


As someone working in another Government Department, my instinctive response was: “Still getting the FT in hard copy? You can tell where austerity hasn’t bitten yet!”

– so worth bearing in mind what such stock photos say about your office!

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