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Monthly Archives: October 2010

How we improved our intranet search experience

23 Oct 2010

We use the Google Search Appliance (GSA) across our family of intranets. In 2009 we launched a new search experience to coincide with an upgrade to the GSA. Analysis of original search experience I so wish I had some screenshots of the original search results pages. If I manage to find some, I’ll post. Back […]

Analytics and statistics; what is the question?

17 Oct 2010

Analytics, evaluation, data and statistics all have the gas turned up in the workplace. Rightly so. We need to make business decisions, evaluate performance, and design usability improvements based on hard evidence. Facts and figures should generate action. Not sit in a pile of paper on a desk or add to a growing repository of […]

Squiz is the shizz

12 Oct 2010

Squiz provide and support the MySource Matrix content management system. The nice men from Squiz came to visit us today and I have to admit to being excited before the demo of their product suite. I checked out their website a few weeks ago and was very impressed. I don’t know why I haven’t bumped […]

Managing the risks from online social networks

9 Oct 2010

Our public website contains videos from YouTube, photos from Flickr and we also have a Twitter stream. All open to the public so that they can see what fabulous work we do. But if you’re a member of staff, you don’t have access, at least not from the workplace desktop. C’est ridicule! The same applies […]

Plain English for corporate intranet content

3 Oct 2010

At work, I teach a course on writing for the intranet. It takes an afternoon and covers online writing and editing techniques, SEO, how to handle graphics and accessibility. I also touch on writing in plain English. For this part of the course I usually use the latest IT announcement as a demonstration. IT announcements […]