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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Content interaction vs content generation

20 Jul 2011

Terms like social intranet and intranet 2.0 used to make me think “Facebook at work” (or indeed Google+ these days.) And that could be cool. But I ask myself “how connected are the people who work in the very different parts of our organisation?” Silos do exist, and in a large department consisting of over […]

Intranet documents are not Russian dolls

18 Jul 2011

Embedding and interlinking documents within other documents on the intranet creates a doll-inside-a-doll effect making it difficult for people to find the information that they want. Documents are a necessary part of our intranet. They come in many shapes and sizes including policy documents, forms for downloading and printing, forms for completing on-screen, calculators and […]

Plain English content rewrite: July 2011

17 Jul 2011

We recently restructured some of our intranet sections and took the opportunity to do some plain English rewrites to the page content. This example is from one of the guidance pages dealing with security when moving offices. The original is filled with passive voice and is afraid to give instructions. I’ve marked up in red. […]