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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Intranet information flow (Prezi)

28 May 2011

My first Prezi that I did for fun while experimenting with new presentation techniques. Here I try to show how we can improve a flat content structure by integrating social functionality into the intranet information flow. Intranet information flow on Prezi – Graphics:

Intranet information design must follow staff culture

8 May 2011

Sometimes users don’t act as you’d expect. My recent analysis of search terms that staff use to find the online learning area of the intranet showed some unexpected results. A while back, our Human Resources department introduced an online learning area to the intranet. They wanted to label it as “JusticeAcademy.” I argued that we shouldn’t […]

Intranet publisher training course outline

7 May 2011

Learning the mechanics of pushing a piece of corporate content through a content management system and onto the intranet is only part of the skills required to be an intranet publisher. Creating quality material that is engaging, findable and useful to staff is equally essential so that the intranet does not become a place for […]