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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Tagging users for intranet analytics

30 Nov 2010

In an attempt to get more out of our analytics data, I’m going to experiment with tagging users as they visit the intranet. It’s best practice to look at more than the whole picture when analysing web traffic data; segmentation provides greater insight into what is happening out there in the real world. A blanket […]

Social media & social networking 101: videos in plain English

27 Nov 2010

A collection of videos explaining social media and social networking in plain English

How we increased feature news traffic by 53%

11 Nov 2010

At the start of October we introduced the next step in our strategy to improve engagement with news stories on the intranet. A month later we are seeing a 53% increase in traffic. I had a good hunch that introducing the box would generate *some* interest, but I was amazed by the results at the […]

Release the test tubes; time for more user experiments

7 Nov 2010

As part of our efforts to save money across all parts of our organisation, we are combining many of our human resources, finance and procurement services into one central place. There are several intranets within our organisation. Currently, most staff come to the HQ intranet for their human resources content and services. But there are […]

Shelf-stackers in the intranet supermarket

6 Nov 2010

The job of the shelf-stacker is to fill the intranet shelves with junk. It’s a fairly easy job. They don’t have to think too much. It’s not difficult to shove something on a shelf. They might stack it next to something similar, but it’s not so important to them where it goes. Some of the shelf-stackers […]

Evolution of an information architect

2 Nov 2010

Last weekend I went to Bletchley Park, the home of the code-breakers and Top Secret government facility during WW2. The tour included a visit to the National Museum of Computing, which evoked some old memories. Since returning from the trip I’ve been reminiscing about the world of computers and information when I was a kid […]