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Intranet information flow (Prezi)

28 May 2011

My first Prezi that I did for fun while experimenting with new presentation techniques. Here I try to show how we can improve a flat content structure by integrating social functionality into the intranet information flow. Intranet information flow on Prezi – Graphics:

Intranet information design must follow staff culture

8 May 2011

Sometimes users don’t act as you’d expect. My recent analysis of search terms that staff use to find the online learning area of the intranet showed some unexpected results. A while back, our Human Resources department introduced an online learning area to the intranet. They wanted to label it as “JusticeAcademy.” I argued that we shouldn’t […]

Intranet publisher training course outline

7 May 2011

Learning the mechanics of pushing a piece of corporate content through a content management system and onto the intranet is only part of the skills required to be an intranet publisher. Creating quality material that is engaging, findable and useful to staff is equally essential so that the intranet does not become a place for […]

Related stories progress update 2011

25 Apr 2011

We introduced a related stories element to feature news in October last year. Following a comment on an older blog post, I decided to take another look at the figures. We introduced this new engagement element to encourage staff to visit back-issues of news stories. It is a simple box on the top right corner […]

Collaborative working in the digital workplace

8 Feb 2011

I’ve been using collaborative documents quite heavily for the past few months of the website convergence project, working on documents with over 20 other people. For me, making changes to a document and seeing changes that other people are making at the same time is the height of collaboration. It’s the best that it gets […]

Landing page optimisation: before and after

7 Feb 2011

Companies invest time and money in campaigning, advertising and link-building with the aim of drawing visitors to websites. But if visitors arrive and then hit the back button, that’s an awful lot of waste. I had 15 minutes to do a quick UX evaluation and optimsation of this campaign landing page. The goal of the […]

Plain text beats graphic content: A/B testing

28 Dec 2010

A/B testing can help to pinpoint the type of content that staff are most attracted to. I ran an experiment to find out which advert was most effective in an internal campaign. The problem The intranet staff directory gets a lot of complaints.”It’s never up to date,” being the main one. Last year, we ran a campaign […]

Shelf-stackers in the intranet supermarket

6 Nov 2010

The job of the shelf-stacker is to fill the intranet shelves with junk. It’s a fairly easy job. They don’t have to think too much. It’s not difficult to shove something on a shelf. They might stack it next to something similar, but it’s not so important to them where it goes. Some of the shelf-stackers […]

Plain English for corporate intranet content

3 Oct 2010

At work, I teach a course on writing for the intranet. It takes an afternoon and covers online writing and editing techniques, SEO, how to handle graphics and accessibility. I also touch on writing in plain English. For this part of the course I usually use the latest IT announcement as a demonstration. IT announcements […]

Intranet redesign, Phase 5: migration, content freeze, dual publishing

30 Sep 2010

The end is in sight Remember that migration plan from phase 2? Having decided to publish back-issues of news stories to the start of 2009, I could quantify how much content we would need to migrate. I managed to cut the original content from 6416 entries down to 3000 entries. Some of this was by […]

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