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Intranet redesign, Phase 2: information architecture and content audit

22 Sep 2010 1 comment

Back in the good old days when the IT department allowed me to use DOS (the operating system that I was brought up on,) I managed to do some jiggery-pokery and get a complete intranet file-listing. And a few deft keystrokes later, I was spreadsheet-a-go-go. Content audit My previous analysis already told me what was […]

The intranet police are out to get you

12 Sep 2010 1 comment

If you intend to put content on our intranet; watch out because the intranet police are scouring the pages when you’re not looking. Reading your content, filled with passive voice, determined to hide any true meaning. Surfacing your documents, still labelled with a template name that was in use 5 years ago. Routing out pages […]

Intranet bloggers psychographic analysis

28 Aug 2010

I stumbled upon, a website that reads your blog and produces a psychographic analysis.  Always one for a cosmo quiz, I fed it my blog and was amazed at the results.  And the in-depth entry for the psychological type in wikipedia was even more accurate.     The analysis uses the “Myers-Briggs type indicator” (MBTI) system, […]

Perfect Human Resources intranet page

18 Mar 2010 2 comments

Welcome again to the Human Resources section of the intranet Human Resources reports to the Corporate Services business group, just so you know who you’re dealing with. These pages contain reference material and information about your employment with the company, plus help and advice and useful forms. We know that may come as a surprise. We […]

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