Social functions on intranet news stories

In January we implemented a voting feature on intranet news stories which consisted of a simple “More like this” and “Fewer like this” voting button.  The feature had good uptake from staff and we are starting to see thumbs up statistics settling down to around 75% of votes.

As part of the recent drive for staff engagement we have been asked to implement more functions to help improve engagement and reach of news stories.  We are preparing to add more elements to our news stories that will give us an arsenal of:

Like this

Staff can vote for more like this or fewer like this.  Statistics for the votes are available to editorial staff who can use the data to concentrate more on what staff want.

Share with a colleague

Send an email to a colleague containing a link to the news story.  The usual “share this” functionality designed to increase readership.


To allow staff to provide more detailed feedback.

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A simple list of links to similar/related stories designed to improve exploration and serendipity.
The features are nothing new but it’s encouraging to see that management are now seeing the benefits of such features inside the firewall.

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