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Intranet satisfaction survey results

27 May 2010

Yesterday I blogged about our intranet benchmarking results which compared the intranet against other intranets and gave us an expert evaluation.  Today I’m going to look at survey results from our staff intranet satisfaction survey (run by Customer Carewords) which we ran alongside the benchmarking tests. Survey format We used Gerry McGovern’s “Customer Centric Index” […]

Intranet benchmark results

26 May 2010

Our core intranet team spent the last 2 years working on a project to overhaul and improve the intranet (in addition to publishing daily content and building other sites.) Project outline (2008-2010) Research Information architecture and cardsorting Wireframe designs and user testing HTML and CMS build Content audit and migration Comms & launch Evaluation Benchmark […]

Bounce rate on the corporate intranet

15 Feb 2010

We’re starting to look at “bounce rate” as a metric for staff engagement on the intranet. I work with two definitions of bounce rate: 1) Google’s official definition: one page view in one visit 2) Google’s unofficial definition: “I came, I puked, I left” On the web, analytics packages work on the concept that people […]

How to setup Google Analytics on an intranet

14 Feb 2010 4 comments

This post highlights what you need to think about when setting up Google Analytics on an intranet.  Where detailed instructions are available elsewhere I have included links. Your intranet and web access Check that staff can access specific Google pages on the web and that your intranet URL is ok.  For example http://intranet won’t work. See specific […]

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