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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Intranet bloggers psychographic analysis

28 Aug 2010

I stumbled upon, a website that reads your blog and produces a psychographic analysis.  Always one for a cosmo quiz, I fed it my blog and was amazed at the results.  And the in-depth entry for the psychological type in wikipedia was even more accurate.     The analysis uses the “Myers-Briggs type indicator” (MBTI) system, […]

Social functions on intranet news stories

23 Aug 2010

In January we implemented a voting feature on intranet news stories which consisted of a simple “More like this” and “Fewer like this” voting button.  The feature had good uptake from staff and we are starting to see thumbs up statistics settling down to around 75% of votes. As part of the recent drive for staff […]

Staff crowdsourcing pilot using Spigit

21 Aug 2010

My last post talked about my experiences as a moderator of a public crowdsourcing site and included a quick usability analysis. I’ve also been involved in an internal pilot project to evaluate the Spigit platform as a method of harvesting ideas from staff. Most of the platforms that I have looked at use a voting/rating […]

Engagement and crowdsourcing

2 Aug 2010

Engagement and innovation are the buzzwords at work at the moment. The message from the top is “go forth and engage.” Engage with the public. Engage with the staff. And come up with ideas. Help us save money. How can we be more efficient? Which laws can we repeal:? I have never seen so many sites […]